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Sponsorships, Ads, and Donations

There are many ways and options to support What A Do with program ads and season sponsorships.  CONTACT US.

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What A Do is very grateful to the donors and sponsors in our community

that allow us to continue our mission and do the work that we do.

Theatregoer ($1-$99)


Susan Baldwin 

Battle Creek Country Club 

Marge Breitbach 

John and Jill Christ 

The Fulling Family 

Peggy Girard 

Nicole Graham 

Nathan Grajek  

Susan Heeres 

Nicholas Huling 

Charity King  

Cody Lestina 

Steve and Cheryl Marengo 

Braden Matkovich 

Marilynn L Miles 

Jennifer Parker 

Amanda Powell 

Linda & Dick Schlatter 

Dave Stubbs 

Jim and Marcie Telfer 

Ken and Cheryl Tsuchiyama 

Steve and Deborah Vance 

Jonna and Thomas VanWienen 

Kimberly Watson 

Chorus ($100-$249)

Roberta Adams 

Judith Angood 

Carol Badgley 

Donna Bidelman 

Joan Boven 


Brown Family Dentistry 

Linda Byers 

Susan and Randy Case 

Barbara Comai 

Margaret Davis 

Elizabeth and Michael Dawson 

Susan Day 

Teresa Durham 

Helen Gates 

J A Gronewold 

Maria Guerin 

James Haadsma 

Albert Harris 

Brenda Hunt 

Julie Jackson 

Paul and Gretchen Humiston 

Linda Kenyon 

Hunter King 

Jean Krohn 

Tina Kyger 

Robert and Arlene Lents 

Richard and Natalia Logan 

Dr. Terance and Marjorie Lunger 

Ann Maddox 

Christopher and Joanne Miller 

Miller Family Dental 

Katerina Mikhailova 

Megan Phelan 

Barbara Porter 

Plumeria LLC 

Alanna Jean Ruger 

Wendy Rominger 

Frederick and Katherine Sawchuk 

Gladys Seedorf 

Scharlynn Sims 

Catherine Schulz 

C J Sharp 

Amy Smith 

Gail Snyder 

Catherine and Gary Sonneville 

Patricia Stetler 

Kathleen Strang 

Marilyn C. Strobel, M., ED., LLP 

Tracie Tomak and Jonathan Galbreath 

Marjorie Weil 

Linda M. Wendt 

Brian Wensauer (Calhoun County Treasurer) 


Supporting Cast ($250-$499)

Kristi L. Christ 

Peter and Carolyn Christ 

Thomas and Paula Colman 

Richard A Henry Funeral Home 

Lynda Hensel 

George E. McKay Jr. & H. Thomas Kyvig 

Adam and Teri Noaeill 


Cast & Crew ($500-$999)


Director’s Club ($1000+)

Chris T. Christ 

Robert and Elenor DeVries 

Dr. & Mrs. Ekblad 

Dave Klink 

Sunshine Toyota  

Your name is important to us. If there are any errors or your name is missing, please email

Special Thanks...

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